Japan Nintendo Direct 8/29/14 Recap

(CPP means Circle Pad Pro) Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2014/08/29/nintendo-debuts-new-3ds-named-new-3ds/

It seems that earlier today, an almost unexpected Nintendo Direct popped up, and after all of these odd Super Smash Bros. leaks, including some unannounced characters, all for the 3DS version, it seemed like it was almost obvious what would come of this 3DS-Focused event. We have a run-down of what was revealed, so grab some popcorn and enjoy the incoming text. Some highlights we will yell out now include new 3DS models, Xenoblade Chronicles on the go, a changeable dashboard updates, and much more.

Xenoblade Chronicles is coming to the New 3DS in Japan + Shulk is coming to Smash Bros.

[Update: It may have looked like the normal 3DS would be receiving this game. However, it looks like the New 3DS will be getting it. Check out our above post for more information.]

Xenoblade Chronicles, one of the coolest JRPGS and Wii games in recent history, has been announced to be coming to the New 3DS. It has just been announced in a recent Nintendo Direct that is 3DS-Focused from earlier today. We also have confirmation that Shulk, the main character of Xenoblade Chronicles, will be coming to the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

Titanfall to receive mode with no Titans

When I first heard of Titanfall, I was immediately hooked on the idea. Shooting with robotic titans all around you in scenes of destruction, while wall running to get to that last second platform? It was crazy. However, it looks like some people didn’t like that idea. So, in an upcoming update, Titanfall’s next new mode won’t have Titans. Just you and your wall running.

Games for Gold September 2014 Revealed

Halo: Reach Box Art

Usually around this time, Microsoft reveals the upcoming games to be free for a limited time to Xbox Live Gold members. September’s rewards are now known.